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Announcing: Project Van Buren
Project van Buren is the first attempt I have made to properly make a game, and I will be working with another person to make it. It is based upon the tabletop RPG Shadowrun. It will be set in a post apocalyptic cyberpunk world. It will use parts of the Shadowrun Suite which is still in development. Hopefully we do far more well on it than I\'ve done on other projects. Since this project...
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Shadowrun 3rd Edition Utility (v0.01 Alpha)
Description The Shadowrun 3rd Edition Utility is meant to provide gamemasters with an easy means to manage their games without need for pen and paper. It is simple, easy to use, and follows core rules as much as possible This utility is able to: Roll as many six sided die as desired Apply the Rule of Six Count the number of successes based on a target number, and return -1 on...
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