December, 2010

Infroportal is a content management system that provides a basic, bare-bones site interface for those that want a light, reliable content management system for their website. Infroportal Features: PHP/MySQL Interface A basic news, page, links, and downloads interface Simple, customizable template Functional implementation of Jon Petrosky's FlatForum Single user...
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New Site
After a long hiatus Infrosoft has been redesigned (yet again), and reworked from uselessly broken from utter disinterest to nice and minimalistic thanks to SiteFrame Beaumont (however dated it may be. In fact Beaumont is old enough that I cannot use the latest version of Smarty to make it work). I will be putting in some of my old software projects as well as adding some new ones. I won\'t...
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Shadowrun 3rd Edition Utility (v0.01 Alpha)
Description The Shadowrun 3rd Edition Utility is meant to provide gamemasters with an easy means to manage their games without need for pen and paper. It is simple, easy to use, and follows core rules as much as possible This utility is able to: Roll as many six sided die as desired Apply the Rule of Six Count the number of successes based on a target number, and return -1 on...
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