Siteframe™ is a product that could not have happened without the support and assistance of numerous people, and I'm sure that I can't thank them all here. First, to the many members of the Contax G Pages who provided inspiration and motivation over the years. Next, a special thank-you to Richard Sintchak, who was one of my single most persistent early supporters.

A special note of thanks to Coby Leuschke, who pushed me through alpha and finally got the beta out the door.

Finally, here's a bunch of other people who all provided some sort of support: Cristiana Dinculescu, Ryosuke Nakahara, Chris Harpham, Nicolas Fischer, Ricardo Lamego, Scott Spencer, Wilfred van der Wegte, Charez Golvalez, Anita Campbell, Elam Campbell, Dennis Adams, Ted Campbell, Mitsuhiro Yoshida, Steve Danforth, Portia Shao, M Anowar, Bob Michaels, Chad Drayer, Robin Kleb, Jimmy Pierre, Jerome Belthrop, Julie Mia, Knut Skjaerven, Mark Megerle, John McMaster, Peter Vallecillo, Kenji Tezen, Aaron Gniewek, and a whole host of other folks. If I've left your name off, please let me know and I'll make sure you get in the next release. If this product is of a high quality, it is because of the participation of these people and others like them. Any errors or bugs that remain are entirely my own fault.

Glen Campbell

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