Shadowrun 3rd Edition Utility (v0.01 Alpha)

Shadowrun utility in action (more info)


The Shadowrun 3rd Edition Utility is meant to provide gamemasters with an easy means to manage their games without need for pen and paper. It is simple, easy to use, and follows core rules as much as possible

This utility is able to:

  • Roll as many six sided die as desired
  • Apply the Rule of Six
  • Count the number of successes based on a target number, and return -1 on total failure.
Planned features include:
  • A character manager and creator.
  • Name generator
  • A combat phase utility which can calculate tests as necessary

This software is currently in alpha state and many planned features are shown in the software but not yet implemented. It is written in C# and is open source. Source is licensed under the BSD License.

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