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After a long hiatus Infrosoft has been redesigned (yet again), and reworked from uselessly broken from utter disinterest to nice and minimalistic thanks to SiteFrame Beaumont (however dated it may be. In fact Beaumont is old enough that I cannot use the latest version of Smarty to make it work).

I will be putting in some of my old software projects as well as adding some new ones. I won\'t be working like a complete madman programming things but I\'ll definitely try and update from time to time.

Some of the projects which I intend to work on from time to time include:

  • Shadowrun Gamemaster Utility, a utility for Shadowrun Third Edition gamemasters
  • Infroportal, a bare-bones content PHP/MySQL management system and its successor Excelsis, which will add more flexibility and move Infroportal to the next generation.
  • Infrosoft General Public License for use in Infrosoft programs
  • Lucid Dreamer\'s Utility, a utility aimed to help lucid dreamers in reality checking.
If there are any other projects that come to mind I may post them at a later date.

In addition I hope to offer web design services to people. I\'m a much better designer than I am a programmer. I don\'t expect much business, but it would be great to make some money one the side.

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