I will be going on a hiatus from programming. Well, at least programming for my projects. I will be participating in the FIRST robotics competition, where I will be assisting in programming for my team. Project Van Buren in particular will be on hold as all the artists and programmers working on it are also in FIRST.

Granted I\'m sure nobody actually reads this thing. I don\'t particularly care, though.

It\'s all good. If the Shadowrun Suite ends up going well, at least, I might roll out other projects.

take a break
by Tahlia / at 09:45 on November 22, 2020
I bet that even when you are doing the things you love, you will still get tired of it. Anyway, it is fine to take a break once in a while. As for me, I always try to balance my work with my personal life. So when things get difficult, I try to take a step back and just do some fun activities. One of which is playing games on my computer. Recently, I got into this unblocked ship games called Among Us. It is really fun to play. If you want more, you can check out pc.game
Re: take a break
by cathyscherer / at 00:02 on June 22, 2021
Enjoy your hiatus but please remember to come back. credit repair orlando
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Any update?
by joeanderson / at 20:58 on April 28, 2021
Any update on the result of the competition? Whatever the result is, I want to congratulate you for joining. I recently joined a competition here in Wilmington too. Don't give up! :)
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by gangathara / at 08:10 on May 3, 2021
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