Due to the lack of ability to collaborate with other developers, Project Shadow Van Buren will never be completed. I know all the all of 1 reader of my website these days will be saddened by my lack of updates.

However, I will one day build something much more interesting! Unfortunately, I am not much of a programmer anymore. These days I\'ve mostly been focused on writing things and completing homework. And by writing, I do not mean writing code, but writing stories. One day, I wish to return to programming, but now, I am stretched far too thin to do anything of interest.

I love C# and Java. I want to make my Lucid Dreaming suite, and distribute it on the android market. But alas, real life will not have it. I will need to do this some other time. I hope that I may update some time next year, as this infrastructure slowly decays and I must wipe this site and build anew.